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How To Get Six Pack Abs?

Over the years I have seen a lot of flimsy ideas of how to get a set of six pack abs. The most common scams are special machines that will do it and sometimes some kind of drink. I remember at one point Slim Fast seemed to be showing chubby people suddenly spawning a set of six pack abs.

Anyway I wanted to put this notion to rest that there is some magic to getting a six pack. Sure there is some genetics involved in sculpting perfect abs but the two most important factors are diet and exercise.

What? Did you think there was a shortcut?

The diet part is fairly simple; you need to drop any extra fat. You have probably heard this before but there is no such thing as spot reduction when you are losing weight. You will lose weight proportionately, generally, as you lose weight. What you may find is that you have a large stomach and if that is the case of course you will lose that fat faster than you lose the fat on your legs but that is just because that is where the fat deposits will be easiest for your body to use.

As you probably know from reading other posts of mine I subscribe to the idea that people eat too many carbohydrates generally but I still do not support the Atkins diet generally. I believe that you must increase your protein to 20% of your diet, keep fats at about 20% of the calories of your diet and then have carbs as the other 60% of the calories of your diet. If you still have trouble losing you may be a bit sensitive to carbohydrates and you can up the protein a little.

As for exercise, to get a set of six pack abs you will have to do two things; get in an hour of cardio a day to increase your metabolism and start really dropping the fat and secondly make sure that you do your abdominal exercises at the start of your workouts.

For cardio exercise it does not really matter what kind of cardio exercise you get but it is always best to vary your exercise so that you do not overtrain any one muscle group. I never see people speak of this in regards to cardio training but I have found in the past with my bicycling that when I am riding a lot my legs get sore but the rest of my body recovers fine. So maybe try to alternate some kind of biking, swimming, hiking, running, brisk walking and even using a rowing machine if you have a chance. Do cardio almost every day, five or six days a week is good, seven days a week is pushing it a little too much in my eyes.

Next is the abdominal exercises themselves. There are three places to target for your abdominals, the obliques, which are on your sides, your upper abdominals and your lower abdominals. Doing abdominal exercises is something that some people believe you should do every day but I really believe you are doing well if you just do them every second day or three days a week.

For your obliques you can do twists. Simply sit on a bench with you body straight up and down and put some kind of a light bar or broomstick across your shoulders and then do twists twist from one side to the other as far as you can go for two sets of 100 reps. The key is to not use much weight at all as gaining muscle on your obliques will widen your midsection which is not something most people want to do.

To work your upper abdominals you want to do some kind of sit ups or crunches. I am more a fan of crunches as they are easier on your neck and mower back. Lie on your back with your legs up on the seat of a chair so that your legs are at a 90 degree angle to your body and then just lift your shoulders a few inches of the ground and then let them down again. This should put stress on your abs and you should feel it pretty intensely after just a few reps. be sure to do this exercise slowly and for at least three sets of 30 reps.

To work your lower abdominals you need to do something that raises your legs in the air as opposed to lifting your upper body into the air. The exercise that I prefer for this is a kind of reverse crunch that I do not have a name for. I lie flat on my back and hold something behind my head to keep my upper body stable and then I just bring my knees up towards my chest and back down to the ground again. If you get really strong this way you can try just lifting your legs straight out and up but sadly I am not that strong.

If you follow this plan you will se results very quickly and depending on how much fat you have to lose you can see rock hard abs fairly quickly. The other great thing about strengthening your abs besides looking better is the fact that strengthening your core makes you stronger overall and help out with your balance and even your stamina.

For more information on picking a diet and workout plan for yourself you can visit my site or my review.

Six-Pack Secret

Are you having trouble getting that six-pack you've always wanted?

Are your abs holding you back from having that perfect build?

That is exactly the position I found myself in a few month back. I've been weight training for years and even though my abs were well defined, I did not have the sexy six-pack that all women go crazy for. I've spent hours upon hours searching the net for tips on building the perfect abs only to find spam pages trying to sell expensive products.

Than I started thinking. How is it that I can build my biceps, triceps and pectorals so fast and well defined, yet my abs are lacking? After putting some thought into it I came to the conclusion that I couldn't get those perfect abs because I was not doing the correct exercise. Most people will only do the regular sit-ups to try and build a six-pack only to be discouraged after months of hard work. What I realized is that your abs are just like any other muscles on your body.

Imagine you were trying to build big biceps by using the same amount of weights over and over again. You would not get very far. This is the mistake that people make when building abs. Doing just regular sit-ups is equivalent to trying to build biceps without increasing your weights. You need to use weights in your abs building routines! So in order to fix this I came up with this exercise:

1) Get into your regualr situp position, but this time hold some weights behind your neck and start doing situps this way. You will instantly realize how weak your abs are as adding even 10lbs behind your neck will make your sit-ups very difficult. Adjust the amount of weights you use so that you can do approximately 10 sit-ups. Once your abs get stronger and you can do more sit-ups, just increase the weight as you would when building any other muscle!

After just a month of using this exercise, my abs became what I have always dreamed of. The perfect six-pack as seen on TV!

I have been practicing weight lifting as a hobby for more than 5 years and have learned a lot from my own mistakes. For more great tips and tricks on weight lifting and bodybuilding visit

Ripped Six Pack Abs

Crazy toned and ripped six pack abs. That's the key to showing an awesome body. If you think that all training is about is making sure your chest is big enough to make your shirt hang out past your stomach then you're missing the boat. Chiseled abs are awesome abs.

How do you get ripped abs?

It's about diet, cardio and hard ab routines. I'll give you the low down on how to burn in some washboard abs with this killer ab routine and save the diet ramble for the main book Fat To Fit.

First of all if your not training abs, start. That would be beginner ab routine phase one! Three sets of crunches for 20 reps a set. If that's not a problem then superset each set of crunches with a set of hip roles, followed by a brief 30 second rest to let the burn fizzle a bit.

For hip roles you lie on the ground pushing down with your hands and raise your pelvis off the floor so the tail bone comes right up and squeeze the abs!

Last step in the beginner ab routine is to add in some bridges or "planks" as some "guru's" of fitness have coined them. This is basically a pushup position but you don't rest on your hands, you rest on your forearms and just hold it for 30-60 seconds. Don't let your lower back sag! Keep a slightly inverted c posture like your trying to pull your hips toward your chin.

So here is the ab routine once you are working all exercises together.

Beginner six pack ab routine phase 1: Crunch x20 Hip roll x20 Bridge for 30-60 seconds Rest and repeat for 3 circuits or just keep rotating through! Alright enough of the easy stuff, we're here for some serious six pack abs, killer abs.

Onto Ab Routine 2: The ab killer! I love pet names. This ab routine will all be done on the decline bench.

The first ab exercise? Decline hip roll/leg raise. Beauty!

Step 1: Put your head where your feet should be
Step 2: grab the bench or the footholds; whichever is more comfortable (not that it will matter in a few minutes)!
Step 3: Stretch out and do a straight-legged leg raises.
Step 4: once at the top of the leg raise turn it into a hip roll so that you point your feet at the ceiling. Hold for a three count and go back down!

Second six pack ab routine exercise: Incline sit-ups:

Step 1: put your feet in the foot holds (you've turned around!)
Step 2: Lower yourself until you're about a foot short of lying fully back
Step 3: Come back up if you're still with me!

Third ab routine exercise:

Incline Russian twists (even sounds evil doesn't it?)

Step 1: don't move out of the sit up position. Just grab a medicine ball or a 10- pound weight.
Step 2: straighten fully your arms right to your front and lower yourself to the bottom position of the incline sit up and hold it.
Step 3: Rotate to the right 90 degrees with your arms straight and then back to the left at 90 degrees. That's one rep. You don't come out of the bottom at all! Fun huh?

Here it is ab routine layout:

Leg raise/hip roll x20

Incline sit-ups x20

Russian twists x20 or 40 if you count both sides! No rest between ab exercises, and only 30-60 seconds rest after completing the tri-set.

Third Ab Routine:

And the grand daddy hardest ab routine ever? For mortals anyway? Because I remember something about homer Simpson and a cannon ball, but I think you need to have access to the applesauce bar for that ab routine to work!

Well let's call it the "commando cardio ab annihilation" workout. I have to have a fancy name on it or you wouldn't be interested! It involves a pre-stretch, a contraction and dynamic stabilization (I just made that up, but you get the idea) exercise. Here are the ab routine exercises.

1. Smith machine, Swiss ball hip rolls
2. Partner resisted Swiss ball crunches
3. Swiss ball rollouts
4. Profuse sweating and clutching of the stomach.

Ab routine exercise 1: Smith machine, Swiss ball hip rolls:

1.Set the bar low in the smith machine, just below the top of the Swiss ball.

2. Sit on the ball and roll out so that you have to reach back and grab the bar as you lie on the ball. You should be about 2-3 feet away, stabilizing your self by holding the bar and flexing everything!

3. Using only your abs, stretch your pelvis down as low as it will go and then do a hip roll. Legs straight is the hardest.

Ab routine exercise 2: Partner resisted Swiss ball crunches.

1. It's a normal Swiss ball ab crunch but your arms are crossed across your chest and your "friend" pushes down on your shoulders to apply resistance. That's it,..ahem.

Ab routine exercise 3: Swiss ball rollouts.

1. Kneel on a pad with legs crossed ball in front of you not on the pad.
2. Your hands are on the ball so it now looks like your praying.
3. Roll the ball out until your straight as a board with your head between your arms and pull it back in.
4. Profuse sweating and clutching of the stomach. This should come naturally.

In a six pack ab routine all together?

Smith machine/Swiss ball hip rolls x20

Partner resisted Swiss ball crunches x20

Swiss ball rolloutsx20

Rest 30-60 seconds after each tri-set circuit or continue right through if you're a freak of nature or slightly "touched". I've never gotten 20 on all ab exercises on all three sets in a continuous circuit; let me know if you do!

I'll have to buckle down!


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How to get great abs at home

8 Minutes of Crunch Time. The quest for a flat stomach and defined abdominal muscles is one of the primary elements of many fitness programs. While many gyms and fitness centers offer classes, it is entirely possible to get a fantastic abdominal workout in the comfort of your own home. Even if you do not have much time to spare for a full fitness workout, spending 8 minutes a day on these ab exercises can give you great results. Whether you want to get ready for the beach, tighten your post-pregnancy stomach, or just firm up your middle section, these abdominal exercises are a perfect fit.

The Eight Minute Workout

Basic Crunches. Start with 25 to 50 basic crunches (adding more reps as you progress). Lying on your back, with knees bent, pull your knees and shoulders toward your mid section by using your abdominal muscles.

Russian Twists. Based on the same movement as the basic crunch, performing the Russian Twist adds the movement of touching your elbows to the opposite knee as you pull yourself up. These are more difficult than crunches, so start with reps of 20 and add more as you become more comfortable.

Leg Lifts. Still lying on your back, lift both legs straight up in the air until your heals are parallel with the ceiling. This exercise will work both your abs and the backs of your upper thighs. Begin with 25 reps and add more as you can.

Straight Leg Crunches. Repeat 25 to 50 of the basic crunches, only instead of bending your knees, keep your legs straight. Without the leverage of your knees, you will have to work harder, but you will have excellent results if you continue this workout on a regular basis.

That is all there is to it. As abdominal exercises can be tough, you will probably find your muscles are sore during the first few weeks of this workout. Starting out slowly while gradually adding repetitions of the exercises can help to alleviate some of the pain. As with any exercise, it is important that you stretch out before beginning to reduce your chance of muscle strain. While you may be anxious to see results, do not overdo it in the beginning or you may find yourself unable (or unwilling) to continue. The most important aspect to this ab workout is consistency. If you are unsure of your physical fitness, it is best to start out by working out only 3 to 4 times per week and adding more days as you build your strength and stamina.

About the author:
Wendy Wood is a full-time mom in the process of losing extra pounds and loves to show other moms how they can lose weight and be healthier as well. Sign up for your free healthy recipes at

How to get six pack abs

Ok so you want to learn how to get six pack abs. There are a few things you need to keep in mind and add to your lifestyle to get great abs. First you need to eat healthy clean food, second you will need to workout on the muscles of your core, and thirdly you will need to increase cardio if you need to lose some fat that is covering the muscle.

Exercises to get six pack abs:

To really see definition in the core and abs you need to work your core at different angles and positions. There are dozens of exercises for abs. Here are some great ones to get started: Crunches, Hyperextensions, Sit ups, Incline Sit ups, Leg raises, Hanging leg raises, Jake knifes, Scissor kicks, Super mans, Side bends, Twisting sit ups or crunch, planks, side planks, back planks, stability ball work, ab roller, also remember to Sit and Stand with good posture always.

If you add these exercises to your workouts you will see major definition and at least a
Six pack of abs, if not an 8 pack of abs, as well as a strong lower back and oblique muscles and an overall strong core.

Foods to eat to get six pack abs:

You have to watch what you eat more that how much you eat. Eat healthy clean, natural foods to keep you body full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and water. Here are some good foods to eat: Tuna, chicken, peanuts, protein supplements, fruits and vegetables, real fruit juice, whole wheat or grain bread, fresh water.

Now make sure you do not eat any junk food and unhealthy food. Here are foods you should avoid if you want a lean strong six-pack. Do not eat chips, candy, pop, fast food, beer or alcohol, white bread, a lot of pasta, or any fatty meats or foods. Taking all the crap out of you diet will give you greater results in the gym.

Cardio to loss the extra fat to see your abs:

If you need to loss some weight of fat off your abs, you need to add some extra cardiovascular work to your routine. Choose exercises that will increase your heart rate and make you sweet. You must get cardiovascular exercise at least 15 minutes per workout 3 times a week. Also get at least 1 hour of accumulated activity everyday. Here are some good exercises to loss those extra inches around you mid section: Skipping rope is one of the best cardio exercises because you are forced to keep your posture and you use your whole body. Running up and down stairs or hill side, jogging or running, swimming, biking, rollar-blading or skating, dancing, shadow boxing, hiking, walking, and playing sports are also great activities and exercises to reveal your six pack abs.

So the bottom line on how to get a six pack abs are, you must work your abs and core muscles from many angles using a variety of different exercises. Secondly you must eat healthy nutritious clean food to grow and repair your body. And thirdly you need to do your cardiovascular work regularly if you need to loss weight or fat. Also remember to breath deeply and sit or stand with good posture, that way your core is always working.

About the author:
My name is Kyle, I have a 6 pack of abs and I know how to get ripped. For more infromation to getting your six pack abs

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Six Pack Abs | What is the keys to losing body fat and getting a flat stomach?

So you want to get a flat stomach and six pack abs.

It might seem to be impossible to achieve this, but it can be simple if you jsut change your mentality and implement a couple of simple things.

What are the steps to get a flat tummy or six pack abs?

  1. Conceptualize
  2. Plan
  3. Set realistic goals
  4. Eat sensibly
  5. Drink water
  6. Walk
  7. Stomach exercises

There you have it. A simple guide of how to loose weight and getting a flat tummy or 6 pack abs.

the realistic way of getting a flat tummy and six pack abs

Six Pack Abs | Stand up straight, get your posture right and have a flatter tummy

What has posture got to do with having a flat stomach?

Poor posture can lead to incorrect body alignment and it can make your tummy look fatter that it actually is.

It is important that you stand up straight and also situp straight in your chair.

Standing up staright has to become a habit. You can do exercises that can help your body to adjust and get used to being upright.

When you do a dance it is also goos to dance with proper posture. I do salsa dancing and I try to dance with a upright posture.

A couple of exercises that you can do:

  1. Place a book on your head, stand up staright and walk aroun the room. Breath while you do it.
  2. Lie on your stomach and place your arms and hands behind your back and lift up your chest from the ground.
  3. Lay with back on ground. Lay straight with arms on the floor. Breathe.

Good posture is important. A person with good posture looks more confident. Good posture with a flat stomach will look good.

Start working on it today.

the realistic way of getting a flat tummy and six pack abs